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FinFonic Ltd.

Finfonic Ltd. manufactures and delivers products in the field of hearing aids and hearing accessories. We supply our products to hospitals, hearing centers as well as importers and private hearing companies via subcontract. We also serve consumers at our business premises.

In the field of hearing, we supply all brands of hearing aids and hearing accessories being imported to Finland. Additionally, we manufacture individual hearing aids, hearing protectors, monitor earphones, mobile headsets, etc.

About the Company

We have been providing technical healthcare services since 1976. Formerly known as Vaasan Hammas Ltd, we produced dental prosthetics and hearing aid services. Since 2003 we have been concentrating on hearing protectors as well as hearing aids and hearing accessories under the name Finfonic.

Along with our own Fonic-trademark, our product range includes all hearing aid and accessory brands in the Finnish market. We aim to provide a solution for various problems concerning hearing protection and rehabilitation.

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Finfonic Ltd.
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Individual Hearing Protectors

Noise can not be removed around us, but we can protect ourselves from it. An alternative for the traditional cup protector is an individual protector, which consist of an earpiece made from a cast taken from the customer’s ear, and a filter with possible attenuation levels of 9, 15 or 25 dB. Color coded earpieces are easy to place and soft material enables all-day use. The capillary material of the filter element prevents stuffed-up feeling in the ear canal. Virtually invisible protectors are placed in the ear canal and therefore do not cause inconvenience with other protective gear (helmet, goggles). The lacquered earpiece is easy to wash and disinfect.

Undistorted sound is imperative for musicians, so a protector equipped with attenuation of 15 dB is a natural choice. In noisy environments where communication is required (industrial workers, dentists, dental technicians, restaurant personnel) users benefit from a protector which does not require removing during a conversation. Reducing excessive noise in leisure activities is easy with individual protectors, as they can be conveniently carried in their box and are ready to be used wherever needed.

We are the only manufacturer of ER-Individual Hearing Protectors in Finland and the cast is always taken by a specialist in the field of hearing.

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